• The 1st Goyang City Forum, 2019
  • Title : Urban Regeneration and Environment
  • Date : October 22~23, 2019
  • Venue : Kintex
  • Goyang City launched the 2019 International GOYANG CITY FORUM as a part of efforts to search for an answer of “what should be our city look like for nature, people and future generations to coexist.

    In the forum, numerous experts from the United Kingdom, Germany, New Zealand, and United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) participated. On October 22nd, the first day of the forum, experts explored the area near Wondang Station and Haengjusanseong Fortress, examining the current situation of Goyang City and seeking policy direction through a local forum. On the 23rd, a policy forum was held at Ilsan KINTEX with sessions on Urban Regeneration and the Environment.

    Mayor Lee Jae-joon, Goyang City, criticized and reflected on the mutual problems many cities are experiencing nowadays, stating that “Many people thought that market logic was an absolute truth for a long time. This led to arrogance, thinking that we could solve all urban problems with financial and technological advances and excluding underserved areas completely throughout the process.” He further stated that “we need to change and promote the urban paradigm to allow the coexistence of people and environment,” and presented new perspectives on urban development strategies, including ▲Conservation Strategy – preserving places that need to be preserved as close to their original state as possible. ▲Healing Strategy – reviving spaces that can be revitalized ▲Development Strategy – utilizing minimum spaces for necessary growth.

    2019 International Goyang City Forum


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    2019 International Goyang City Forum