WCF 2023

Concept Note



The policy platform that presents the future vision of a sustainable city

The World Cities Forum is an city-led policy platform in which cities take the lead in addressing and presenting solutions to problems facing cities such as rapid urbanization, climate change, low birth rates, and aging population.

World Cities Forum was initiated in 2019 with the launching of Goyang City Forum, where urban policy stakeholders, international experts, and citizens came across to diagnose and provide direction for the policies of Goyang City.

Goyang City has strengthened the role and functions of the forum by reflecting and incorporating the proposals presented at the forum into its actual urban policies, focusing on the urban regeneration climate and environments, and lifelong learning.

The Goyang City Forum, which began by sharing the excellent policy exemplars from overseas cities in 2022, expanded its function to a global policy platform that discusses common challenges and presents directions for development beyond Goyang City from 2023, entitling itself as the World Cities Forum.

The forum operates with the following objectives:
1) Raising awareness of the challenges faced by cities
2) Providing proactive and feasible urban policy directions
3) Fostering continuous cooperation and friendship with urban policy stakeholders
4) Enhancing the brand value of Goyang City as a “MICE” (Meetings, Incentives, Conference, Exhibition) city.